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Biomechanical Aid - see Pacemakers
Bequesting a body to a University for teaching purposes: see Common Questions
Causes of Death
Certificates: which certificates to use
Coroner: link
Coroner - overview
Coroner - referral criteria
Coroner - referral exception
Cremation - Form B
Cremation - overview
Cremation - process
Crematoria - Auckland region list
Death - confirming death
Death certificate: amendments
Death certificate: standard form
Death certificate: Foetal and Neonatal Death form
Death - identifying the deceased
Death - time of death
Death: verification of death
Dementia as a cause of death
Electronic certificates - see Death Documents
Executor (for arrangements after death)
Forms - see certificates
Hospital Record of Death (HOD) for Coroner referrals; see also.
ICD - Internal Cardiac Defibrillator - see Biomechanical Aid
Infectious diseases: info
Medical Referee
Neonatal Death
Notifiable diseases - infectious diseases
Overseas death
Pacemaker - see Biomechanical Aid
Post mortem - see Autopsy
Privately-arranged cremation
Registering a death
Section 46B - (2) When to complete the certificate
Section 46B - (3) When usual doctor unavailable
Section 46C(1) - accident elderly patient
Transporting the deceased body
Verifying that the person is deceased